We link innovation to standardization for empowering Start-ups and SMEs

Business Development
Start-ups/SMEs mentored in building business models around their technology – with the aim of growing globally.
Technical Know-How
Assessment and assistance to start-ups/SMEs in commercializing the technological solutions based on, but not limited to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) and linking them to adopt current ITU-T Standards and specifications. 
Intellectual Property Rights
Knowledge sharing and assistance to start-ups/SMEs in understanding and applying Intellectual Property Rights, led by WIPO.
Outreach and Networking
Attending and showcasing world class events, pitching ideas and meeting world leaders.
The Platform
The Openlab Platform is designed to give Incubator members exclusive access to the tools available.

The Process

*TSB: Telecommunication Standardization Bureau
*BDT: Telecommunication Development Bureau
*KIPs: Knowledge & Implementation Partners
*Proof of Concept: based on ITU T standards and specifications